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Ceratec Smile

Noble Crown

NobleCrown is a white porcelain fused to metal that is 25% Palladium, making it one of the most affordable noble alloys around!

Argenco Y+

Argenco Y+ is a yellow full cast crown and bridge alloy. While containing 34.9% Palladium & 2% Gold, this is your #1 choice in affordable yellow alloy!


One stop for all your dental lab supply and equipment needs. One call can get all your dental lab's alloy, porcelain, tools, equipment and supplies.

Put the experience and expertise that comes from 25 years in the dental alloy industry to work for you. My objective is to provide your dental laboratory with unparalleled technical support, quality alloys, lab supplies and lab equipment that are competitively priced, and to update you with ongoing precious and non precious metals analysis. One quick call will solve all your dental lab supply and equipment needs. With resources from  top manufacturers and suppliers, such as Argen, Gateway Alloys, Whip Mix and Dental Alloy Products, virtually all of your dental lab supply requirements can be fulfilled. Other services I offer are refining that's based 100% on the precious metals market, gold coins and ingots, volume discounts and the ability to find almost anything you are looking for at the very best price. Your time is precious, let me take all the work out of obtaining your dental lab supplies, equipment and alloys.

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